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Medical flight services in India

MedicalFlight is a rising brand offering 24/7 Air Ambulance service for aero-medical transportation across India and inbound international sectors.

Air ambulance helicopter services in India

An ambulance is a medically equipped vehicle that carries patients to hospitals in the medical field. In certain cases, the patient is provided with out-of-hospital medical treatment. In order to respond to medical emergencies, ambulances are used. They are normally fitted with flashing and alarming lights and sirens for this purpose. They will take medical aid and emergency responders to the scene quickly and transfer patients to the hospital.


Generally ambulance vehicles are not generally fitted with life-support equipment (exceptions exist) and are usually crewed by personnel with less training than the emergency ambulance crew.


A normal ambulance does not reach several areas; these are the places where an air ambulance is of very high value. Generally, air ambulances are used in locations such as higher altitudes, conflict zones and areas where there is no roadway. They are also used to evacuate individuals from the oceans or from unmanned islands.


A special air carrier is an air ambulance which may be a helicopter or a plane. They are also most commonly used for long-distance travel of patients and for care from overseas countries. They can be described as aeromedical as well. In certain cases, to search for missing or wanted persons, the same aircraft can be used.


Air ambulance, like ground ambulances, are fitted with medical equipment that is essential for tracking and treating patients who are injured or sick. Popular air ambulance equipment includes medicines, ventilators and stretchers, etc. Medical care in flight is delivered by a medically equipped air ambulance, while a non-medically equipped aircraft merely carries patients in flight without care.


Air Traffic Control supports air ambulance operations with special care only while they are actively working with a patient, much like a ground ambulance using lights and a siren.


Air ambulances quickly establish their utility in remote areas, but due to space restrictions, their role in populated locations is hindered. This is because aircraft need a huge amount of landing space, and this can only be achieved in locations with less buildings and large areas, such as remote places, but in developed places.

There are large amounts of obstacles in localities, which in turn limits the air ambulance to land and creates obstacles in its operation. Helicopters and drones are more functional than aircraft here.


Air ambulance are very helpful but not economically feasible, They need an immense amount of operating resources. Knowing its value, different countries are looking at ways to minimize air ambulance operational charges so that it can be used by more people who need urgent medical assistance. Different organizations are carrying out experiments, such as drones, to enter inaccessible places for quicker medical deliveries and to keep the cost within manageable limits.


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